Caffeine, Tea and Polyphenols
How do they React to Each Other?

How is the stimulant caffeine different in tea and coffee?


What does this have to do with our bodies?

Here's some surprising information about this substance found in tea. I found this information while reading "The Tea Companion book". I was pleasantly surprised to find that polyphenols in tea come to the rescue again.

The book refers to this stimulant as one of the most important elements of tea. This stimulation increases activity of the digestive juices which is a good thing.

The less processing of the Camellia sinensis leaves; the less stimulant that will be in the tea leaves. Black tea will have the most and white tea will have the least. Black tea has the most processing or oxidation and white tea has the least.

Let's compare an average cup of

Let's continue with our comparison of the two beverages. Caffeine in coffee is rapidly absorbed into the system and causes an immediate increase in blood circulation and cardio-vascular activity.

The polyphenols in tea are thought to slow down the rate of its absorption. Thus no rapid increase in blood circulation or cardio-vascular activity. The effects are felt more gradually and revitalize for a longer period of time.

I would say that is good news. Which loose leaf tea will become your cup of tea?

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