Black Loose Leaf Tea and How To Make Perfect Tea Using It

Best brewed black loose leaf tea

Gourmet tea information will help you brew the perfect cup of black loose leaf tea. Leaf tea is always the best choice when making tea in my opinion. I have found Adagio Teas comm junctioncomm junctionto carry a good quality leaf tea.

Allowing your filtered water to circulate around loose leaves is sometimes referred to as the agony of the tea leaf. If you are using a clear glass tea pot you can watch as the leaves that have been dried unfurl and open to reveal their size and shape. The small amount of dust and fannings that are found in grocery tea bags will not show off like this.
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Brewing black tea and tea brewing accessories

Good tea brewing accessories are important to the finished cup of black leaf tea.
You are going to need

We're ready to start brewing black leaf tea

The water for black tea must be brought to a boil, 212 degrees F. As the water is heating in the kettle get the tea pot ready to steep the loose leaves. Fill the pot with hot water to warm it up. This will prevent the boiled water from cooling when you add it to the tea pot. While the water is heating and the steeping pot is warming, measure the correct amount of loose leaf tea into the infuser or ball. (You can also just place the leaves right in tea pot just before adding the boiled water. This method requires you to strain the tea into your cup after it has brewed.) You will need one teaspoon of leaf tea for every 5 to 8 ounces of water in your tea pot.

Black loose leaf tea

When the kettle is boiling it's time to start to brew tea. Empty the tea pot, add the loose leaves directly into the pot or place your infuser holding the leaves into the pot. Pour the boiling water over the leaves.

How to make perfect tea, time it right

Loose leaf black tea can be steeped from 3 to 5 minutes. I usually steep my tea for 4 minutes. Always remove the tea ball or strain the tea into your cup. The fastest way to destroy good leaf tea is to allow it to steep to long. This causes more tannins to release into the water. Tannins cause the bitterness to overpower the taste. If you like a stronger tasting tea without bitterness use more black loose leaf tea not more time.

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The tea leaves can be infused another time so don't toss them out.

black loose leaf tea 2Now that you have made the perfect cup of black tea it's time to relax and enjoy your cup of tea.

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